As a member of the Alliance for Audited Media, you are connected to a network of North America’s leading advertisers, ad agencies and media companies. AAM addresses the needs of the media marketplace by serving as a source of reliable, audited media data and providing a forum for advertisers, agencies and publishers to address and resolve industry issues. AAM members are committed to credible information critical to evaluating and purchasing media.

Who Should Join AAM

AAM is not an ordinary industry organization. AAM’s tripartite membership structure differentiates AAM from other organizations and advocacy groups and fuels collaboration between members. Whether you are a content provider, advertiser, or ad agency, each member division has a stake in the organization and strengthening the alliance. Publishers present a verified look at their total media brands. Ad agencies plan their media buys with credible, comparable information from AAM media companies. And with audited data, advertisers are more confident in the return on their marketing investments.

Membership Benefits for All Divisions

We offer a variety of memberships for publishers, media buyers and associates. And while each group becomes a member of AAM for different reasons, certain benefits apply to all members:

  • Entrée to AAM’s Media Intelligence Center to access the industry’s essential source of audited data
  • Make decisions based on data that is audited, comparable and trusted
  • Understand the latest industry happenings with AAM’s outstanding resources and staff
  • Have your voice heard through industry committees and AAM’s board of directors