Director Nominations for AAM's North American Board Due Sept. 12
posted by  Mark Wachowicz, EVP, Business Innovation and Assistant Secretary
 Categories: Annual Meetings

Information about AAM director nominations and the new format for both AAM’s annual business meeting and voting processes.
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In the Know: Introduction to U.S. Newspaper Quarterly Filing
posted by  Jessica George, Senior Publisher Relations Manager

AAM’s Jessica George highlights the basics surrounding the expansion of quarterly filing to all AAM U.S. newspapers and larger CAC titles.
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Accessing June 2014 Magazine Publisher’s Statements
posted by  Molly Clark, Marketing Manager, Data Products

AAM consumer magazine statements are released daily and are available in the Media Intelligence Center. Here are a few reminders to help you find the information you’re looking for.
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In the Know: U.S. Newspaper Nonpaid Copies Now Eligible for Inclusion in Total Average Circulation
posted by  Diane Szubrych, Senior Publisher Relations Manager

AAM’s publisher relations team explains the rule changes and qualification requirements that allow U.S. newspapers to include nonpaid copies in total average circulation.
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AAM's Top 25 Business Publications for June 2014
posted by  Neal Lulofs, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Strategy

AAM's semiannual business publication Snapshot report includes top-line circulation data for the first half of 2014. Here are AAM’s top 25 business publications for the U.S. and Canada.
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In the Know: Label Change to September 2014 U.S. Newspaper Reporting Format
posted by  Diane Szubrych, Senior Publisher Relations Manager

AAM’s publisher relations team explains how upcoming changes to U.S. newspaper circulation labels will make the categories more descriptive and transparent.
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AAM Certifies TrustedForm to Provide Independent Proof of Certified Opt-In Leads
posted by  Bob Rekuc, Senior Client Relations Manager, Digital Services
 Categories: Digital ServicesWebinars

AAM recently certified ActiveProspect's TrustedForm, a service that independently certifies the origin of online leads, to help bring transparency and comparability to the digital marketplace.
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AAM Bylaws and Rules Updated

AAM's bylaws and rules have been updated to reflect changes made at its July 2014 board meeting.
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AAM New members from April to July 2014
 Categories: New Members

Welcome to AAM's newest publisher, advertiser, agency and associate members.
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Industy Scoop — June 2014 Snapshot
posted by  Rachael Battista, Communications Specialist

On Aug. 7 we released our semiannual consumer magazine Snapshot report. Here’s a recap.
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