Canadian Underwriter Presents Reliable Digital Metrics with Consolidated Media Report


Canadian Underwriter, an AAM member since 1957, has created a solid brand with its print product. But a number of different platforms, such as its website, e-newsletters and social media, supplement the print product and provide the Canadian insurance industry up-to-date content and the latest industry news in between issues.


Canadian Underwriter’s print and digital products were reaching readers, and it needed a way to show buyers its digital products. While the AAM publisher’s statement provided a clear look into circulation, sales staff wanted to show advertisers accountable numbers from e-newsletters and web traffic.


AAM’s Consolidated Media Report, formerly the Multimedia Publisher’s Statement, allows business publishers to replace traditional publisher’s statements with a more flexible report that includes website traffic and e-newsletter delivery alongside core circulation. “The thought was if we brought the information into one consolidated format, it gives a single view of our content and readership for our publishers, sales people and media buyers,” said Vesna Moore, director of circulation for the Business Information Group.


The multimedia report format has helped Canadian Underwriter work with media buyers. “With so much going on in each of those venues, it really helps our media buyers to know that the numbers we claim are substantiated by a third party. That’s why we went down the route that we did,” Moore said.

Business Information Group’s Canadian Underwriter and Oral Health were the first two Canadian business publications to issue a Multimedia Publisher’s Statement for the June 2011 reporting period, and both publications continued with the format for December 2011. The AAM board renamed the Multimedia Publisher’s Statement the Consolidated Media Report at its March meeting.

The Consolidated Media Report helps publishers present advertisers and agencies a verified look into their total brand, which may include print, apps, social media, e-newsletters and even trade shows. Canadian Underwriter chose this format to include its website and e-newsletter metrics.

Canadian Underwriter has a presence online and would request digital information from my department on a regular basis,” Moore said. “So the thought was if AAM has this statement we can produce, it can have everything that we need.”

Steve Wilson, senior publisher, Canadian Underwriter – Insurance Media Group, said the report has been helpful in the marketplace.

“Given the continued growth of our online product offerings and their related metrics, being able to capture this multimedia data within a publisher’s statement is of great value to our clients—especially those participating in both print and online advertising,” he said.

The statement has also helped make the selling process more comfortable because Canadian Underwriter’s sales staff can show potential buyers website and e-newsletter numbers that are verified by a third party.

“It’s really about credibility,” Moore said. “A lot of numbers are floated out into the marketplace, but there’s no clear definition of what those numbers truly represent. With the AAM statement, you know the numbers have been looked at by a third party. There isn’t a question of if 50 percent of my 20,000 newsletters bounced back. That’s why we have AAM to put those numbers on the statement. You’re truly seeing the actual received readership of each product.”

When the AAM board approved the new Consolidated Media Report name, it allowed for more flexibility on the reports, including graphics, product photos and social media—another area where Canadian Underwriter has a digital presence.

“We may find ourselves a year from now really needing to include more components because the more people who come on board with the statements, the more competitive we need to be and identify other areas where we’re reaching our readers.

“The CMR reports are just entering the marketplace,” Moore continued. “But I think we’re going to see more and more of them. I do believe in a few years, most publishers will, at the very least, report web traffic. Because when buyers buy advertising space, they have a valid number. It’s something people need to consider.”

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