Electronic Products Uses Multimedia Reporting to Showcase Its Print and Digital Products


Electronic Products is a monthly business publication that covers the latest developments in electrical engineering. For decades, this publication has been a leading information source for engineers, reporting on new products, technologies, innovations and applications.


Although Electronic Products has traditionally been a print magazine, other products such as a website and e-newsletters contribute to its brand. Electronic Products needed a report format to represent its full print and digital prevalence in the electrical engineering community.


Multimedia reports for business publications can include a variety of metrics, including website traffic, e-newsletter distribution and mobile messaging. After being introduced to the concept, the staff at Electronic Products replaced the traditional Publisher’s Statement with a Multimedia Publisher’s Statement.


The ABC audit of Electronic Products’ print and digital distribution presents a clear picture of the brand’s cross-platform audience to advertisers. “We wanted to demonstrate to potential and current advertisers that we were reaching a lot more people, and we wanted to get credit for it,” said Bill Barron, vice president and publisher ofElectronic Products.


“It’s important to have some respected third party audit our data, and ABC is a respected third party,” Barron said. “We just wanted to make people aware that we had this distribution.”

Electronic Products chose to present its print and digital distribution side-by-side on a Multimedia Publisher’s Statement. There are, however, several options when choosing the information to include on this flexible statement.

Publishers can choose to report a variety of data, including:

  • Website traffic
  • E-mail newsletter distribution
  • Mobile messaging
  • Qualified paid and qualified nonpaid circulation
  • Digital replica and nonreplica edition circulation
  • Pass-along receivership information

Barron and Carolyn Giroux, audience development director for Hearst Media, decided to take a simple approach to creating their report, with a straightforward graph to represent their total gross contacts.

“This is just a starting point to demonstrate that we’re going beyond print—following our audience wherever they go and documenting that audience,” Barron said.

ABC independently verifies all products included on the report, giving advertisers confidence in the data as they consider those products for their media plans.

“Generally speaking, advertisers appreciate and recognize the value added from audited data,” Barron said. “It solidifies the buy. It makes an advertiser feel secure. They know they’re getting what they paid for.”

“Wherever our audience is going and as long as advertisers want us to document it, that’s where we’ll be,” Giroux added. “And we appreciate that ABC is accommodating in that.”

For More Information

If you are interested in multimedia reporting options for business publications, please contact your U.S. or Canadian magazine marketing manager. More information is also available on ABC’s website.

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