Concise & Credible: How the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Uses AAM’s Consolidated Media Report


Learn more about the Lihue Garden News’ community newspaper audit.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser has expanded far beyond its flagship print newspaper by adding an array of print and digital products. The Star-Advertiser’s portfolio now includes branded editions, community newspapers, websites, apps, social media, military publications, TMC products, hotel magazines, replica and nonreplica digital editions and more. “We’ve been aggressively adding products,” explained Dave Williams, vice president of circulation for the Star-Advertiser.


With many different products and ways to reach readers, the Star-Advertiser had new channels to target to advertisers. It needed a way to communicate the breadth of each product to current and potential media buyers.


Honolulu CMR 0313AAM’s Consolidated Media Report can be customized to include any auditable newspaper product, from app and website usage to audience demographics and weekly TMC distribution. “The beauty of the CMR is that we’re able to include all of this as one-stop shop for our products,” Williams said. 

The Star-Advertiser released its first CMR in 2011 and continues to expand its report as its brand evolves. The report now includes a variety of print, digital and audience data, including readership charts that have helped integrate the CMR into their sales strategies.

“Initially the CMR gave us an opportunity to bring together our products,” Williams said. “Most importantly, it gave our ad reps a credible report of our product line that’s been audited. We’ve added a lot of the products in the last year. The CMR gives us the flexibility to be able to add those in a concise format, using the AAM brand to support the quality of reporting.”


The Honolulu Star-Advertiser recently released its fourth CMR, and no one is more excited about the new report than the ad sales team.

“The CMR is really the first thing that they use to lead off because they’re able to show the whole portfolio of products with the credibility of AAM,” Williams explained.  “When you’re talking to an advertiser, your time is limited. It’s important to us to put that information into a format that can be quickly consumed.

“It’s concise. It’s a one-stop shop. And it adds the credibility because every number on there is audited. I think the CMR raises the bar for us.”