The Tampa Tribune Uses CMR to Show Advertisers Print, Digital and Broadcast Data


The Florida Communications Group was the first U.S. company to converge a major newspaper, a broadcast TV news operation and digital services to operate as one media brand. The Tampa Tribune, a variety of branded publications, CENTRO Tampa, and NBC News Channel 8 round out the Florida Communications Group.


The Tampa Tribune, which has been a member of ABC since 1916, wanted to present advertisers with a picture of the group’s print, digital and broadcast brand components. But it was also necessary for that picture to be complete, credible and audited.


After seeing the Consolidated Media Report mentioned in various communications from ABC, Bill Barker, vice president of operations/circulation, and Tommie McLeod, circulation director, decided to create a CMR of their own. “It is an excellent medium to demonstrate our overall reach and emphasize to clients that we are the preeminent regional media powerhouse,” Barker said.


The CMR presents data about The Tampa Tribune, its branded editions,, Hispanic weekly CENTRO, mobile products and social media. And with audience metrics from NBC affiliate WFLA-TV, this CMR is the first report to include broadcast data. “The CMR is a fresh and comprehensive tool that reflects a new, cutting-edge approach to providing the most up-to-date product information to our advertisers,” McLeod said.


The Tampa Tribune saw the CMR as a marketing tool that would bring a competitive advantage. By having products beyond The Tampa Tribune audited by ABC, the CMR shows advertisers a valid snapshot of the total brand and reach in the Tampa Bay area.

“We wanted to include all the products that we have available to our clients and potential advertisers to make them more aware of the ways we can help them reach and target their customers,” Barker said. “It is a full and complete portfolio of the products we provide in the Tampa Bay marketplace.”

The Tampa Tribune’s CMR is evidence that every newspaper has the tools to create a report as unique as their publication. This report includes a metric never before included on a CMR—broadcast data.

“ABC is the gold standard in the print industry for auditing services,” Barker said. “It only makes sound business sense to include these additional products in our portfolio of services to be measured and validated by this auditing firm.”

As long as it can be independently verified by ABC, a newspaper can include any of the products it owns/operates. Newspapers also have the flexibility to create the look of their CMR. Take Tampa’s report for example:

  • The first page of the report gives an overview of the Florida Communications Group with logos of the print, digital and broadcast components.
  • The second page includes circulation and readership information for The Tampa Tribune, The Tampa Timesand other targeted publications.
  • Digital and broadcast data is further broken out on the third page with statistics from websites, mobile page views, Facebook “likes” and the monthly and weekly audience by DMA for NBC News Channel 8. (Note that for ABC to audit and include broadcast data on a CMR, data must be sourced from Scarborough Research.)

“It’s easy to understand and yet provides the needed details for fast reference. It simply tells visually and concisely our overall story. It will be our lead and complement the other tools we deploy,” McLeod said.

The Florida Communications sales team uses the CMR to supplement Publisher’s Statements and Audit Reports to show advertisers that the product line goes beyond print.

“Being audited is just one more way to emphasize credibility in support of our other sales materials,” McLeod said. “The CMR lends credibility to an already compelling story about a strong media mix of products and diverse consumer reach vehicles.”

“It helps reflect the results of the audits in a more meaningful way to prospective clients,” Barker added. “For our company, it’s an important next step in verifying and communicating the breadth of our products in the marketplace to advertisers.”

For More Information
The full report is available here. If you have questions or would like to talk about creating a CMR for your publication, please contact your U.S. or Canadian newspaper marketing manager. More information is also available on ABC’s website.

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