Digital Audits

To help you meet the demand for digital accountability in the new age of media, AAM offers a suite of digital audit services and resources for publishers and the vendors that help deliver publishers’ digital content. AAM provides accountable, transparent and independent verification for digital publishers and advertisers. AAM independently verifies metrics and systems, providing reliable digital data that comes with the trust of an AAM audit.

Digital Audits for Media Companies

You choose the products and metrics you want audited, and AAM will help design the report that best fits your needs, whether it's an interactive audit report or Consolidated Media Report.

Website Audit

An AAM website traffic audit—including mobile website traffic—is a comprehensive review of the online activity of a website. A traffic audit covers the entire website, not the digital edition of the publication.

E-Newsletter Audit

An AAM audit verifies several metrics related to the distribution of your newsletters, including net distribution, gross sends, undeliverables and opens.

Mobile Audit

We offer independently verified mobile website and app statistics, including audience by device type and day, unique devices, stories read, page views and more.

Social Media Audit

AAM works with media companies to verify stats from such social media sites as Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr.

Digital Audits for Technology Providers

AAM works with companies that supply mobile publishing platforms, analytics and ad-serving technologies. AAM verifies that these companies are capable of delivering data to industry standards. Audits are commonly conducted in accordance with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s industry-developed guidelines. Learn more

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