Newspaper Audience Snapshot

Print and online readership is important for newspapers to understand and their advertisers to evaluate. With Audience Snapshot—an initiative between AAM, NAA and Scarborough Research—any U.S. daily newspaper can incorporate circulation, print and online readership, net combined audience and total website usage data on AAM media reports.

Audience Snapshot is available in two tiers:

Tier one is comprised of all newspapers in a syndicated Scarborough Research market that meets Reader Profile standards. All tier one newspapers are required to use Scarborough as their research vendor. For more information about the tier one program, visit our FAQs.

Tier two newspapers are eligible to participate in a streamlined program with American Opinion Research or use a research provider of their own selection. For more information about the tier two program, visit our FAQs.

Audience Snapshot Highlights

Needed: The program was created as an initiative between AAM, NAA and Scarborough Research to provide advertisers reliable data that reflects newspapers’ reach and audience.

Visible: Audience data is featured on the front pages of publisher’s statements and audit reports and in the Audience Snapshot report.

Analyzable: Users can also evaluate audience data in the Audience Snapshot industry database or trending analysis tool.

Trusted: AAM does not conduct the research; instead AAM verifies the studies before, during and after fieldwork to ensure compliance with industry-developed standards.

Get Started

Please fill out an Audience Snapshot enrollment form to get started. To learn more about the Audience Snapshot program, contact a newspaper marketing manager.

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