CAC Board of Directors

Meet CAC’s key stakeholders who are dedicated to media transparency.

The Certified Audit of Circulations (CAC) was established more than 50 years ago to provide objective third-party audits to free community publications. CAC’s board of directors help uphold this mission by bringing together the needs of community newspaper buyers and publishers across the United States.

AAM and CAC joined forces in 2012 to provide comprehensive, credible and transparent data to the media industry. Since then the two organizations have aligned newspaper reporting into one unified, searchable and information-rich Media Intelligence Center that’s regularly accessed by more than 6,000 active users. Together AAM and CAC have grown a vast data network that is accessed nearly 5 million times annually.

Most recently AAM and CAC established a new media committee to bring recommendations and concerns from CAC clients to the AAM board of directors for consideration. As part of AAM-CAC collaboration, the committee roster includes representatives from the AAM and CAC boards of directors. All CAC representatives from the committee also participate in AAM board meetings.

CAC Directors

In total, there are 9 directors who are a part of the CAC board.

  • 5 members in the advertiser and advertising agency divisions
  • 4 members in the publisher division

Advertiser/Advertising Agency Directors

Publisher Directors

  • Jason Hegna, Revenue Director, Shaw Media Group
  • Barry A. Schiro (Secretary), President, CBA Industries, Inc. (also serves on AAM board)

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