Industry Partners

Collaborating with industry organizations to create a trusted, transparent media ecosystem.

As an organization built by the industry for the industry, AAM relies on cross-industry collaboration. AAM is proud to partner and support these leading organizations that represent our clients across North America and around the world.

U.S. Media Partners

America's Newspapers
AAM works with America's Newspapers to understand the trends and issues affecting news media across the U.S.

American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As)
The 4As helped found AAM in 1914. All 4As members are associate clients of AAM and have one-time, complimentary access to up to 20 PDF statements and reports from AAM's B2B, farm, magazine and newspaper publisher clients.

Association of Magazine Media (MPA)
The MPA and AAM work together to help magazine brands leverage their many distribution channels in today’s fast-paced world of media buying and selling.

Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
As founding member of AAM in 1914, the ANA has worked alongside AAM for more than a century. AAM and ANA’s relationship continues today with a strategic partnership that grants all ANA members access to the Media Intelligence Center and other AAM educational materials.

AAM works with Connectiv to keep a pulse on the news and information that affects business information media companies.

Digital Content Next (DCN)
AAM stays connected to DCN’s network of premium publishers.

Gfk MRI and AAM have a partnership that enables AAM magazine clients to easily import their readership data into the Media Intelligence Center and other AAM marketing tools.

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
AAM is a part of numerous IAB working groups, including the open RTB Working Group and Ad Blocking Working Group, and manages the IAB’s International Spiders and Bots list.

International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certifications (IFABC)
As the premier third-party auditor in the North American market, AAM is the U.S. and Canada’s official member representative in the IFABC organization.

Kantar Media SRDS
As one of the key data partner sites in AAM’s vast data ecosystem, Kantar Media SRDS houses AAM client data in its database that’s accessed by thousands of leading media buyers annually.

Media Rating Council (MRC)
AAM keeps a pulse on the digital advertising standards and guidelines set by the MRC. AAM is also one of the MRC's designated third-party auditors that can conduct the pre-audit assessment process needed for MRC accreditation. 

Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)
The MMA oversees the industry’s key mobile measurement initiatives and is part of the Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) group. AAM works on the MMA’s Location Data Accuracy Working Group.

News Media Alliance (NMA)
AAM has a long-standing partnership with the NMA, which includes the AAM/NMA Audience Metrics Committee. Together the NMA and AAM help news media companies find new ways to leverage their multiplatform brands in today’s changing media landscape.

Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3)
AAM is an active member of the PoC3, a collective of media companies that market to patients at the point of care. AAM also participates on the PoC3’s Industry Advisory Committee.

Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)
AAM is a key contributor to many TAG initiatives including the organization’s “Inventory Quality Guidelines” and “Certified Against Fraud" and “Certified Against Piracy” programs.


Canadian Media Partners

Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA)
In 1917 the ACA helped AAM formally recognize its Canadian advertiser clients. Today, the two organizations continue to help meet the evolving needs of media buyers in Canada.

Canadian Media Directors’ Council (CMDC)
AAM works with the CMDC to understand and address the challenges faced by Canadian advertising agencies.

CARDonline is another data partner site that houses AAM-verified data for hundreds of publishers across Canada and makes it available to key decision makers in regional markets.

Magazines Canada
AAM and Magazines Canada collaborate to keep a pulse on the Canadian magazine market.

Newspapers Canada
Together Newspapers Canada and AAM help Canadian news media companies explore how to leverage their multiplatform brands.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada)
AAM is a part of the IAB’s working groups and manages the IAB’s International Spiders and Bots list.

AAM and Vividata collaborate on newspaper and magazine audiences across Canada.

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