Digital Publisher Audits

Provide advertisers with digital assurance and stand out as a quality media property.

Ad fraud is a serious business residing within the digital advertising market. Juniper Research estimates that marketers lose up to $51 million dollars per day due to digital ad fraud. With cash flowing directly to fraudsters and away from legitimate businesses, it’s time to focus efforts and ad dollars on quality publishers who make sound business decisions.

AAM Digital Publisher Audits provide the highest level of assurance to marketers and media buyers by:

  • Differentiating audited publishers from all other sites that run ads
  • Providing assurance that their ads are served to human audiences on audited websites
  • Building transparency, trust and confidence in their media transactions

AAM's holistic audit approach verifies publisher’s business processes, website analytics and audiences. The verification of these three components is necessary to ensure that a publisher’s commitment to quality runs throughout their entire operation.

Here’s what an audit of these interlocking components looks like:

Review of business processes and internal practices

AAM auditors review of the publisher’s business practices related to website operations, ad operations, social media, site monetization, audience acquisition and audience extension. This component of the audit connects the publisher’s business processes to resulting traffic and educates the publisher’s teams about industry best practices. Building this employee knowledge helps ensure consistent quality and increases organizational transparency.


Analyze accuracy of third-party web metrics

AAM verifies third-party metrics by checking for proper implementation and filtered traffic. Continuously monitoring website activity is necessary to gain a complete view of the publisher’s traffic levels and ensure accurate downstream measurements, leading to fewer discrepancies and more confidence in the metrics publishers use to sell.


Continuously monitor for and remediate fraud

During quality verification, AAM analyzes traffic to validate that business practices are working properly to deliver high-quality audiences by evaluating traffic sources, continuously monitoring for anomalous traffic and mitigating issues as necessary. 


Sites are continuously monitored and audited. AAM-audited digital publishers are featured on an audited doman list that will carry through all sales channels—direct, private networks and open exchanges—to open the door for more transparency, confidence and better business results for publishers and buyers.


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