AAM Quality Certification

Provide advertisers with digital assurance and stand out as a quality media property.

Digital advertising fraud is a $7.2 billion problem that siphons money away from good publishers and advertisers. And even though there are good technology solutions on the market, more sophisticated fraud bots pop up. More fake websites are created. More fraudsters enter the market to find new ways to game the digital advertising ecosystem. It’s time to reclaim the dollars that belong to publishers who attract real and engaged audiences in an ethical and legitimate way.

Stand up for your publishing practices with AAM Quality Certification, a three-step verification process that helps you differentiate your website to advertisers as one that is committed to quality. By becoming Quality Certified, you can prove to the industry that your company:

Does the right things.

In the first step of the certification process, AAM's team of digital auditing experts review and vet your business practices.



Attracts legitimate traffic.

Then AAM uses its seamless Site Certifier technology to verify your key website metrics from Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics (unique browsers, page views, sessions), filter invalid traffic, and supply media buyers with monthly analytics.


Reaches real audiences.

Lastly, AAM monitors the quality of your website traffic, isolating and evaluating suspicious activity, and helps you mitigate any issues.



Companies that successfully complete certification will be featured on an AAM Quality Certified list that will carry through all sales channels—direct, private networks and open exchanges—to open the door for more transparency, confidence and ultimately better business results for both publishers and advertisers.

The Association of National Advertisers backs AAM Quality Certification:

AAM has given us a long-term solution to minimize digital advertising fraud. The ANA is calling for marketers to demand AAM Quality Certification of publishers.

Bob Liodice, CEO and President, ANA 


Show your company’s commitment to quality and win marketers’ digital ad dollars by participating in AAM’s advertiser-approved Quality Certification program.


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