Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Compliance

New enforcement laws mean serious consequences for violators. AAM’s CASL experts can help you avoid fines and lawsuits.

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One of the strictest electronic messaging laws in the world—Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation or CASL—carries pretty high stakes. Under CASL the CRTC can levy fines of up to $10 million per violation. And the liability for those messages extends to executive offices and the boardroom with directors and officers held responsible.

These are serious consequences for a simple email. And it’s a situation where your good intentions do not matter. What will matter is if you can demonstrate consent from the receiver, have detailed records to support consent and have employees who are trained in all matters CASL. Essentially, you must have a CASL compliance program. This is a significant amount of work and an overwhelming level of detail for most organizations.

AAM can help. We’ve read the law and the CRTC bulletins. We know the requirements. We can make sure you are compliant.

Our programs are designed to meet you wherever you are in the CASL compliance process—from just starting out to finalizing your program.

AAM CASL Gap Analysis – This program is ideal for companies that are already implementing CASL requirements. If you’re familiar with the various forms of consent, know who is on your list and how they got there, and have a policies and procedures manual then this program is for you. AAM will work closely with your team to identify any gaps in your program and provide recommendations on how to solve them.

AAM CASL Compliance – Do the words consent, unsubscribe, record keeping and staff training keep you up at night when thinking about your email program? Our full-service CASL compliance program is for you. Let us help you step-by-step create a fully compliant program. We’ll review your current practices, develop CASL compliant steps, document those steps and provide staff training.

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