Solutions for Technology Providers

Certify your technology to authenticate and enhance your reputation.

The technology that runs the digital media industry can be complicated and susceptible to fraud. But it doesn’t have to be. As a not-for-profit organization, AAM provides cost-effective, impartial assessments to help technology providers certify their systems and instill confidence in their industry partners.  

Whether your organization is a DSP, SSP, exchange, network or any other advertising technology provider, we offer a suite of solutions that enable you to address the challenges of the evolving advertising landscape with trust and transparency.

Pre-Audit Assessments

Pre-audit assessments are required by the MRC. Our cost-effective pre-audit assessment examines your measurement methods, processes and controls to identify whether they comply with the criteria used for MRC accreditation.  

Pre-Audit Assessments

Measurement, invalid traffic, piracy and inventory quality are major concerns in today’s digital advertising ecosystem. We review your technology’s measurement systems and methods and certify them to standards that govern these issues, set by the IAB, MMA and TAG.  

Industry Certifications

If your business doesn’t fit exactly into a specific certification category, we offer custom consultations and ongoing training to help your organization meet the challenges of digital advertising. Our team of expert auditors can help you in a way that is accurate and cost-efficient. 


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