Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG)

Show your commitment to brand safety with support from AAM.

While technology platforms have made advertising more efficient, both in cost and time, they have also brought some other unsavory practices to light. Ad fraud, invalid traffic, viewability and piracy are all topics at the center of discussions between buyers, publishers and their vendors in a fast-paced, programmatic media environment.  

To rebuild trust and transparency in publisher-buyer interactions, the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), with help from AAM, manages the “Inventory Quality Guidelines” program, which builds a framework for brand safety in a changing media landscape.

TAG’s IQG program is intended to enhance the overall transparency between buyers and sellers. IQG helps:

  • Advertisers know where their ads are running in a real-time bidding environment and that their ads are getting in front of their targeted audience. 
  • In a real-time bidding environment, publishers have the opportunity to understand the nature of the creative running on their properties.
  • Tech providers earn recognition as brand safe, trusted partners.

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